Monday, February 21, 2011

Traba-traba-trabajando duro

¡Hola Hola Hola, Familia! How are you all? I'm excited to get to write you all again and hear all the fun stuff that's happening on the other side of the border. I'm doing pretty well! It's nice and warm here, with sun (but not too much) and some heat (but not too much) and shade (just enough). I'm enjoying the weather, actually! It's around 85 F or something during the day, 75 at night. I'd better enjoy it while I can; it's going to get intense!

Have you gotten any of my letters? I sent one last week (it should have left here on Thursday), and I'll try and write another this week. I still haven't gotten any of yours...seems to take a while!

So what's been up? I did give a talk yesterday! It actually turned out well; I felt I had the Spirit's help, as the words flowed easier than they usually do, and it was a good lesson for me, and probably some of the members too : ). I talked on hope, what it means in everyday life, and that we need to just keep going, even when we don't see the blessings from our efforts at first (it was adapted from a talk I outlined in the MTC).

The work is moving along, and I'm trying to get more invested in the work and the area. I'm excited for Nailea's baptism this Saturday; she's already read the Book of Mormon twice (we still have to teach her a few things, but that IS quite impressive)! At times it's tricky to mesh my and Elder Muñoz's teaching styles, but it's something we're working on.

Notable events from last week: tasty meals, helping a young family (the dad is a counselor in the bishopric) move furniture into their new house (really nice, and rooftop too!), leading a companionship exchange for one day (it's a different mindset to be the one leading, or the "senior companion," at times a little tricky, but good), weekly planning and district meeting and a new roommate (from San Fran, and perfect Spanish AND English) and coordination, a few blessings of health (always a priviledge : D)... yeah! We also had a good FHE with one of the member families, and I got to meet one of the sons, Pilar Diaz, who actually is the same age and served a mission the same time as you, Sam! Pretty wild : D. He's into drawing and stuff, and he showed me some intense sketches he made while he was out.

Hey! We were doing a little family history stuff with Bernardo, one of E. Muñoz's recent converts, and I realized I can only remember my history up to my grandparents! Could you maybe send me a copy of my family tree? It'd be fun to see and remember them all, and I could also show others, too. Thanks a lot! 

And if you could, could you get the balance of my checking account? I'd like to know, as there's a few things I'd like to buy.

Well, before I wrap up, I want to tell you a little bit about CAMPECHANAS. They are a variety of taco here in Monterrey. They are usually made by taco vendors on the street, and are primarily composed of steak and "trompo." Trompo is pork (I think), sliced into sheets and stuck on a spike in such a way that the sheets form a spinning top shape (hence "trompo," or Spanish for top). The trompo is then cooked right next to the flame and rotated vertically, while the vendor slices off meat from the other side. It's actually tasty (though probably not very healthy)! We had some when I arrived (my first night) and the night before my roommate Elder Thomas went home. Usually you're given green salsa, limes, and a mix of onion and cilantro. Yum!

I love you all very much! I miss you a lot, and I hope you all are doing well. I can't wait to be home with you all again, but at the same time I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to serve and learn and really know the gospel. I hope you have a MARVELOUS week, and I hope I will too! We can share stories again this time next week! : D

Keep on rockin',

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