Friday, January 28, 2011

Estoy aqui en Monterrey!

Hello Familia! I'm writing this from another country: MEXICO (from a Mexican laptop, actually! Kind of wild, with different keys, like ñÑñÑñ and characters in different places)!!! I'm right now in the mission home with Hermana Walker, the APs, and it{s a really nice home. I just wanted to write you and say that I arrived fine, I am full and happy, and I'm feeling well. I was unfortunately not able to call in Houston; our flight was pretty late, so we only had 15 minutes to go to the other terminal!! It was cutting it pretty close (by like 5 minutes. Whew!), but we got here. I did try to take a few photos of the city from the plane, it was fun to be so close and yet so far : D. It's pretty wild being surrounded by Spanish, but I'm really glad that I have 6 months experience with it; I'm actually doing better than I expected in that respect. And guess what! There's H-E-Bs here!!! How awesome is that!! : D
So right now we're having interviews with President Walker (who's actually really nice, and speaks really good English, which helps a lot if I get caught up on something). Afterwards we'll head back to the mission office to spend the night, tomorrow we'll do official stuff with money and IDs and such, and we're off to our areas after that.
I'm excited, nervous, a lot of different emotions. I miss San Diego still, but Monterrey is looking to be a really nice place (with EPIC mountains!). I'm happy to finally have a mission to call my own, but now I start thinking of that song, "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" with San Diego : ). And I'm a little tired : D. Apparently the mission covers 6 zones here in Monterrey and 6 zones on the frontier, especially Nuevo Laredo (next to Laredo), Reynosa (across from McAllen), and Matamoros (across from Brownsville). I´m a little disappointed that we can't visit the temple regularly (it's in the other mission), but what can you do. Like you said, Mom, I just need to know that it will take some time, and I need to have an open mind. I'll just go with the flow and do my best!
About what you asked, Mom: President Walker said he would call you and Dad and let you know I got here OK, or introduce himself or whatever (he told me in Spanish, so I only remember the gist : /). He also said that packages sent through the US mail aren't really a problem, as long as they're sent to the mission office. I don't remember all of that details with mail either unfortunately, so I'll ask President and figure out for sure. He said something about how most Mexicans use this shipping service similar to FedEx instead of the national mail, but I think that's mostly on my end.
So yeah!
I trust in the Lord, and I know that He has had His reasons for everything that's happened in my mission. I'm grateful for the experiences I've had, and I hope and pray that I can use them and build upon them here. I'm so so so grateful for the support that you give me, and for your love. I love you all so much, and I feel close to you tonight (spiritually, though also closer geographically : D)! Keep up all the great stuff you're doing in Texas, and I'll talk to you soon.


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  1. So great that you heard from Oliver so soon and got that reassurance that he made it and is okay and excited to be in Mexico. He sounds great and I'm sure he'll be an excellent missionary! Send my best wishes to him -- I'll be praying for his continued safety and success!