Monday, January 24, 2011

January 18, 2011

Back by popular demand, the latest couple of emails from Elder Hatfield.  He's doing well, working hard in San Diego, still waiting for a visa (we heard that there are at least 200 missionaries like him waiting to get in to Mexico right now...)


Buenos Dias, Familia! Sorry my email is a little late today; we've been pretty busy! I'll give you the down-low below.
Lunch at Schlotzsky's, then more whiffleball at Petco Park, then here! We don't have a whole lot more time this P-Day (sorry about that : ( ), since we still have to get groceries, but I'll try to get as much in the letter as I can. ALSO, I plan on sending my memory card home!! I hope you enjoy and it makes up for the short letter this week (maybe I need to cut down on the pics; I haven't been out for 6 months and I'm already done with 2!), I'll tell you my goings-on in this email, at least.
So transfers were today, and Elder Krasovec, Jardine, and I are still hanging strong in National City. Still no visa news, but we did have a couple changes in the district, with Elder Guenette and Harper leaving, plus Elder Custer and Madarang leaving from the apartment! I'm going to miss Elder Custer; he's a really cool missionary, and I've grown to like him a lot over the last 3 months. This is actually Elder Jardine's FINAL TRANSFER, which is super exciting! We hope to make the most of it. He says he gets "trunky" (thinking about home and non-missionary life) sometimes, but I know he's not looking forward to leaving. It'll be a great next few weeks.
Sheesh not much time left! Yesterday I got to try something wild: balut! We went to the going-away party for Elder Adams (an English elder who left for home today) at a Laotian member's home (she goes to the English ward), and we had egg-rolls and a kind of stew-curry stuff, then the balut. It's unhatched, cooked, duck, still in the shell. Crazy! I took some pictures so you can see (it actually tastes like chicken : P).
I've had some really good companionship studies the past week, about staying focused on the people, about the importance of good personal study, and true hope and what God thinks of you. They really helped me a lot! I wish I could go into more detail : (, but I don't have much time left.
Hey Sam, are you still doing Chuukese translating work? How's everyone been doing? School OK for Julia? When does Sam go back?
I love you all so so much, and I'm grateful for the chance to email you this week! Sorry again about the small correspondence; today has been quite busy. I still haven't heard about the visas yet; while I hope mine comes soon, I want to focus my needs here. Elder Custer told me something that really stuck out to me yesterday, that I came here for a reason, not just to learn, but that I've been an example too. That really meant a lot to me, and I'm very grateful that I came here.
I love you tons, and I've gotta wrap this up! Talk to you soon, and good luck with this next week! 
<3, Oliver!

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