Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011 - We don't need no stinkin badges!

HELLOOO Everyone! : D It's wonderful to get to email you all again, and hear from you! It's a really nice day, and I'm feeling super great. I have a lot of interesting happenings that I want to get down, so I haven't read your emails yet, but I'll get to those in a sec.
First off, I FINALLY received the FIRST letter from Mom and Dad here in Mexico!! It looks like it was postmarked on the 7 of February, and I received it on 3 March. A little lame that it took almost a month, but I'm just happy to read your handwriting and hear how things are going. It was a tender mercy for me, especially about your contacting in Japan, Dad, and that missionary email on obedience that you included, Mom! Thanks a ton.
Second off, A cool thing happened yesterday. I was talking to the member family, the Ovayes, who lives next door, as they offered us some carne asada (yum! and super nice). Apparently, the brother of the wife has relatives that live in Spring, TX! We got talking about Texas and stuff, but then he told me that he was going up to visit on the 18th of March, and he offered to deliver a package to you all if I needed anything! Wow! He also mentioned that he could deliver something from you all down here to Monterrey as well. WOW! I thought it was super nice of him, and I told him that I would ask you all. What do you think? I don't really have anything to send home as of right now, but if you haven't sent the memory cards and stuff yet, maybe this would be better! Either way, that's really cool to have people so close that connect us! : D Let me know soon, so I can tell him and give him our address. Thanks!
Whew! That's a lot, and I haven't written too much on my week yet. Definitely the highlight of the week was my interview with President Walker! It was just really great. I went in with a number of questions that I've had for a while, and he really helped me feel much better about them and my work here. We talked about communication and working together for a common goal, working with the ward, church attendance, contacting, a little about Mexican culture . . . I really came out feeling so good, so full of joy, ready to tackle the work! I wish we could have talked more (and he felt the same, too!), but at the same time, it will tide me over until the next one (in 3 months). I hope I'm not making it out to more that it was, I really did enjoy it.
What else happened? We had exchanges on Tuesday (which actually have been happening a lot), when I led in our area with Elder Hurtado while Elder Muñoz exchanged with Elder Fletcher in Azteca. Leading the companionship is actually kind of tough, especially if plans fall through, but it's good practice. A lot of times you don't always feel you know what you're doing, but then you just do your best and know that the Lord will make up the rest. Elder Muñoz put me at point on Saturday as well, which was tough at times when I would get nervous or scared to speak, but he told me that I did well in taking initiative and striving to do my best. And that's what counts! We were talking yesterday about applying more what I've learned and what I am learning, and he helped me feel a lot better about my confidence and just trying things out, with teaching and finding and everything. Really, our focus and goal is the people, helping them to come unto Christ, and our skills and teaching just help us accomplish that. I did feel better though, and I look forward to giving it more of a try.
¿Qué mas? I was talking with Hna. Rivera yesterday (she serves us the comida on Sundays: "burros" = burritos and tostadas) about different Mexican foods, and I started thinking about different foods that I miss. It would be fun to expose the Mexican population to such wonderful things as Banana Bread or Funeral Potatoes or Jello Salad or Waffles (alas, I looked today for fun and couldn't find any waffle irons)! Could you maybe send a couple of your favorites, Mom and Dad? No big deal; just something fun to make on a P-Day or whatever. Also, I really enjoyed my fast and the sacrament this week! Really they are special.
It looks like we're wrapping up here. We're planning on getting haircuts and playing soccer at the stake center in a bit! I'm not sure if I'll have time for a letter, but I'll try.
I love you all SO SO MUCH and I wish you all the best this week! Keep in touch, and keep on rockin'. I'll try to send some pics or more goodies next week. I know the Lord is with us and helping us!
Lovin' you lots and lots,
psPS Check out Doctrine and Covenants 31; it really helped me when I was having a rough time this past week : ).

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