Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011 - A quick one today!

Hello Family! My apartment is planning on going to "Citadel" (a mall) this P-Day (also haircut; no time last week, because we played soccer. SUPER fun! I even had a few goals : D), so I don't have too much time to write today. I'll try to get in as much as I can. I haven't read your emails either, but I'll try to respond to your questions.

First, with the package! Sounds great; I'll give him the info. I'm not sure what his plans are, but I'll give him your cell phone and hopefully he can coordinate with you. I don't know if he speaks English (I hope so!), but I'm sure we can work it out. As for things I might need/like...could you send me some Yorks? The selection of mint-flavored anything is very minimal. It'd also be cool if you could include some Texas representation for the 3 other elders I live with (stickers, pins, etc); they were asking me about it and I thought it would be neat. And maybe some cereal? It's kind of expensive and not much of a selection here, but I know it's bulky, so don't worry too much about that. Other than those things, I'm doing quite well! Nothing else really comes to mind about needs or whatever.

Did you hear about the earthquake in Japan? I've been wondering about the situation for a while now, especially with Alex and his family. Are they over there? Are they alright? What's the damage like? What sorts of things are being done to help?

Things have been going pretty well. The work has been rough this week, with lots of appointments falling through and little progression. I've been very grateful for tender mercies this past week, for a great companion to work with and support me (and I him), and nice members who, although they don't always have time to accompany us or help us more than give us food, are really nice and supportive, especially our recent converts in the ward. We had a great Stake Conference this past week (Pres and SIster Walker gave talks, and they were really good! : D).

I've also had a few interesting food adventures this past week: Nutella breakfasts (on bread with milk and orange), french toast, "torta" of scrambled egg and banana, campechanas (again : d), brownies, "Blue Power Licuado" (smoothie with banana milk blueberries and strwaberry yogurt), SUPER delicious tropical granola I found, AWESOME "Nieve Jalisco Style" (flavored shaved ice kind of, but with "agua de frutas." hard to describe, but really good), Coca-cola in the bottle (really is a part of the culture here. Coke even has a returnable glass bottling program that's sweet), tostadas of avocado/tuna and potatoes/ceviche, CARNE : D, creme-filled pan dulce (looked like a bee abdomen), tasty beans (mashed with chorizo, kind of like your bean dip, Mom), fruit salad (with cream and yogurt, plus various fruits, like melon or banana or apple or raisins), and food with garlic (SUPER delicious, because I guess Mexicans don't use it very often, and you know how I feel about garlic : D), and yeah! : D

Fun story about Daylight Savings Time: Apparently Daylight Savings doesn't start in Mexico until April or May or so. However, I use my atomic clock as my alarm, and it automatically sets itself with the atomic clock in the US! So I woke up at 6:30 as usual, told everyone that it was 6:30 (everyone was like "whoa, thanks for telling us Elder!") and I was prepping the shower when Elder Muñoz came and told me it was still 5:30! So we ended up sleeping another hour. Kind of silly! : )

Well I better send this off so we can get to our comida (lunch). I love you all so so much, I really appreciate your emails, and I hope to talk to you soon! Thanks for the package, too!


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