Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March 21, 2011 - Come, come ye saints!

No toil or labor fear; but with joy, wend your way! : D

How are you all doing this fine day? It's Monday/P-Day again, a bit cloudy here down south, and I'm feeling happy and glad to write you all. Actually, the sun is starting to peek out a bit.

Thanks so much for sending that package! I'm excited to receive it, and I'm so grateful that Carlos was willing to do that for us. I've met him a couple times, and he seems like a nice person. I'll let you know if there's anything else I need in the next couple weeks; there might be a couple things. And thanks for the info on Japan, Dad! I'm glad to hear that Alex and the missionaries are OK : ).

Yeah! As you can maybe tell from my President's letter, the past week was pretty low with la obra misional. We had a lot of trouble with our appointments, people forgetting or just not being home, this or that or the other. It can be hard at times, especially when I would just like to teach and help someone, but so many things pop up that nope. I don't know; I'm not sure how to explain it. I don't want you all to think that things are bad or I'm down or anything; it just wasn't a very good week for proselyting.

On the other hand though, I'm really starting to get in synch with Elder Muñoz! I realized that I still have trouble with confidence and really just teaching the doctrines of the Restoration and the Gospel, while I've been focusing on teaching to people's needs and teaching by the Spirit. AND, Elder Muñoz is an awesome teacher of doctrine! I'm sad it took me so long to realize, but I want to try and learn from him how to teach all the doctrine and things I should teach that are in my head but hard to put out in Spanish, in a way that is clear and simple and understandable. I think, as Elder Muñoz described it, I was trying to run (and trying to explain to Elder Muñoz how I like to run) without really knowing how to walk yet (or at least I've forgotten some, as I did spend 2 months in the MTC). : D Like you said, Mom, just give myself time to learn and do it!

I also have gotten closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ this past week. I've been having a little trouble with confidence and feeling able to do the work, not really enjoying it. But then I had an experience that really showed me that Heavenly Father loves me, is proud of me, and that despite my weaknesses, if I do my best He will testify of me through His Holy Spirit. It's something I never want to forget, and something for which I'm so grateful! Really it made all the tough stuff from the past week worth it.

So what else has been up? The trip last week to the Citadel mall was fun; I actually found a new foil and cutter block for my razor (picked that up quick; I couldn't find my model in the US)! Elder Muñoz got a new pair of shoes, I checked out the Rayados jerseys (I want to pick one up. The Rayados are the local team here in Monterrey (with 4 champ titles!), but the jerseys are WAY expensive: like $60-70 dollars, or 898 pesos!! I think I'll wait on one of those : D), and got some ice cream (they actually had Mint Chocolate Chip!! YES). I also had 2 exchanges last week, when my companion and the companion from another area switch places (I think I've talked about those before).

Hey I guess I don't have too much time left. BUT, I do want to answer a few things! GOOD LUCK with your trip to BYU, Julia! I hope you enjoy your visit. It really is a nice campus, and I hope you get a good feel for it. Just take your experience and what you've heard from everyone (and get the Lord's opinion, too) and go for it. 

I only have a few minutes left! I LOVE YOU ALL A TON! I hope you have a great week, and I look forward to talking to you all soon.


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