Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011 - Another P-Day!

Hello Hello Hello, everyone! How've you all been? It's great to write you all again. I think I should have a little more time this week (sorry again about last week) to write, so here goes! We're at a different "cyber" (internet cafe) this week, and writing a little later in the day.
First, here's a bit more down low on Hno. Carlos' visit to Houston. I talked to him yesterday, and he told me that he leaves on Wednesday to Houston (probably arriving late) and returns to Monterrey on Sunday. He has your number, and I also gave his sister (whom I suppose translated for you when you last visited?) the home phone and Mom's phone, so they can communicate when to bring by the package. I also told them that it would have "fresh things" so I told them to expect meeting up around Saturday or so. Hopefully they can coordinate when to meet up with you, like last time, but there's the low down. I also plan on giving Hno. Carlos my letter tomorrow or today, so be excited for that! : D
OK! So what's been up? I've been giving (and have coming up) lots of talks and stuff this past week. Yesterday was the Missionary week, when my companion and I and the ward mission leader give talks, and I talked about La Semana Santa (the Holy Week, or this week before Easter) and the Atonement. Here in Mexico the schools give two weeks off for this week and next, and it seems like a reasonably big deal! Yesterday there were several people we saw that were carrying around woven palm leaves and small bouquets (for Palm Sunday, of course!), and I expect there will be even more activity for Good Friday and especially Pascua (Easter). So yeah! My talk went pretty well; Elder Alegría told me that he understood it quite well! I especially was grateful for the opportunity to prepare and give it, as it gave me a witness that really Jesus Christ lives! : ) This week is Zone Conference, and we all have to prepare a talk for that (President will pick 2 missionaries to give them during the conference). AND next week I have the lesson in Gospel Principles on Gifts of the Spirit! Super lesson action! Not that I don't teach much to begin with ; ).
But I've been well. Just trying my best every day! I've also tried harder this week to be upbeat, happy, and supportive of Elder Alegría, as my senior companion and district leader and all that. It's actually kind of fun, because he is learning English (he's actually quite good, and he learned it all during the mission!) and he likes to spend P-Days only speaking English! It can be a little tough for me, because I'm so used to speaking in Spanish and I sometimes forget how to say things in English : D.  I've really learned a lot from him. He's a wonderful friend and a great missionary! He likes doing simple things like make my bed every day or shine my shoes : D, which is actually really cool. He also asks me about song lyrics (he likes to sing and play guitar, and he writes songs as English practice), or tells me about manga or anime or his plans for the future : ). He can be a little tough and straight-forward at times, but he has a lot of insight. I think he's a great companion.
Whew! I need a writing break. How about some photos? I do have to say, I'm a little annoyed by the person playing their death metal on the other computer behind me, but what can you do. My roommates before Elder Muñoz left (Elder Amador and Elder Elizarraraz are still here), A piñata that looks suspiciously a lot like me (but not; it was for 2 elders that left last transfer, which is it has 2 hair colors),  and me eating an elote. I probably shouldn't send any more, so the internet doesn't explode.
I hope you enjoy the photos! And I hope you know I love you SO SO much! You really are the best-est-es (?), and I love hearing from you every week. Good luck with everything that's coming up this week! AND JULIA, especial good luck on your college choice! I know you'll make the right one. I love you very much!
I think I'll close with this for this week. I look forward to talking with you all on Mother's Day! Be yo self, do yo thing, stay cool!
Love very much,
PSPS I'm not sure how the calls for Mother's Day will work, but I'm sure President will talk about it this week, and I'll let you know.

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