Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 4, 2011 - This is the 181st Annual General Conference...

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you all are doing swell!
Before I write what's been up the past week, I want to apologize about the shortness of my emails of late. I know it doesn't leave you much idea how I'm doing. We write emails at the internet cafe of a member, and he prefers that we only write for an hour (to write President Walker, read at least part of your emails, and write you all). I'll try to make better use of my time, but I'm sorry that you have to suffer. I love you all TONS and I am so happy to hear from you all every week!
I'll try my best today and next week to get a letter written, so I can send it out with Carlos when he goes up to Houston in a week or so! That way you don't have wait 2 MONTHS (gross!) for this letter : ).
Conference was really really good. They set up a TV in another room for the English elders, and I really enjoyed it. SO many good talks! And we took a trip to Carl's Jr (hawaiian grilled chicken salad and choco malted crunch malt; strange that the majority of the words there are in english) for lunch on Saturday (Hna. Rivera brought us tacos and jicama for lunch on Sunday, and we ate together in a room in the church). There was so many good talks! I like what was said about the Rome temple; sounds intense! Also got a little trunky : P, with all the talk about families and marriage and things. Just save it til after the mission! But seriously, I'm really excited to get the conference issue (we get it here in english too), so I can reread them and apply them to my mission.
As Elder Alegría is new in the area, I've been in the lead, which has been kind of exciting. As I mentioned to President Walker, We've been meeting a lot with members and less-actives to try and start strengthening the ward, as it's still somewhat small and lacks somethings like activities and home teachers that we feel could really help.
Guess what! In honor of our Hatfield Men family tradition, I got ice cream for my roommates and I, and we ate it last night in memory of you! It was quite tasty : D, fresa (strawberry) and nuez con almendra (maple nut, I think).
We also had a wild time after transfers, as there was a load of new missionaries that didn't have their visas, that had to stay in our house! They were about ten in all, news and their trainers. Our house is quite large, and we have extra mattresses for just this kind of event, so it went pretty well. They went around in our areas and contacted people, which helped us out too. The cool thing is that Elder Funke, Elder Muñoz's old companion, was among them! He got a free day to contact and meet people in his old area, a really rare opportunity. It especially helped his recent convert Hno. Bernardo a lot, esp. with Elder Muñoz leaving. I also liked getting to know Elder Funke a little more; Elder Muñoz talked a lot about him, and he really is a cool guy.
Fiddlesticks I'm sorry family, I don't have much time left. I'll try to get in a little about Elder Alegría. He's from Queretaro (near Mexico City), has a sister there and a mom in Canada (cool, huh?). He plays guitar and likes to sing and compose in English (all learned on mission). Also really likes anime and drawing cartoons/manga and stuff like that. Wants to go to BYU after the mission, either as an actor or doing something with graphic design/drawing. Also knows a lot of self-defense. Has an interesting conversion story: was actually inactive for quite some time! has about 18 months on his mission, really liked serving in Matamoros. I've gotten along with him pretty well! He has a lot of similar philosophies with missionary work (like working with members and asking inspired questions). I hope that I can learn a lot from him and work well with him these next days and weeks.
That's it for now! I think we'll have time for letters later today, so I'm excited for that. Again sorry about the lack of info; I really do love you all, and I thought of you a lot during Conference. Please keep strong in the faith! I love you so, and I know the Lord is blessing me and you.

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